Gorillaz Live Holographic

September 22, 2022
“virtual band” Gorillaz

But how was it done? And how long will it be before technology starts bringing more iconic artists back? Would it be possible to create an entire hologram concert with all four members of the Beatles and make the ultimate reunion really happen?

The projector

So what exactly do you need in order to do something like the performance at the Billboard Music Awards?

It's perhaps best if we turn back the clocks a bit first to the original holographic performance: Gorillaz. Charged with putting on a live performance with an entirely made-up band, Damon Albarn and chums cooked up an ingenious way of recreating Gorillaz on stage.

At the core of what Musion does is something called 'EyeLiner'. The system uses a clever clear material set at a 45-degree angle across the front of the stage. From there, moving content is beamed onto the material using a projector.

With the case of the Michael Jackson performance, while we can't be absolutely sure Musion was involved, it does appear that there is some sort of material that Jackson is being projected onto. You can see the material wobble and flex when there is a lot being projected onto it.

In the case of Gorillaz and Tupac, Musion was used simply to project the performers themselves, which meant a slightly more convincing effect.

Key to all of it is how the real life performers are positioned on stage in relation to the see-through screen that everything is projected onto. With the Michael Jackson performance, we can't even begin to imagine what sort of choreography was involved.

The animations

This is where the costs of bringing artists back to life really start to mount up. In order to project them onto a stage, you need a performance to project. This means digitally capturing, choreographing and then lip-syncing something completely from scratch.

Companies like Musion will put together their own performances and help consult with artists around what exactly they want, but in some cases separate digital design agencies are used.

In the case of Tupac's performance for example, the entire thing was put together using the same animators and designers that created Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button and Tron: Legacy. Called Digital Domain, it worked on the Tupac show, which is estimated to have cost up to $400, 000.

In order to make these projections really convincing, the animation is key and with that comes a huge amount of expense

Expense is therefore likely to be the first major barrier to any sort of super-reunion in the future, with only the most wealthy of artists' estates having the money to do it.

The gig

Once you have the entire recreation set up, you then need to start looking at how and where exactly you are going to project it.

The main limiting factor here is the size of the stage, as the bigger the clear curtain you project onto, the harder it is to stop it wobbling and breaking the illusion.

Looking at something like Tupac at Coachella, that must have been a vast technical undertaking. Early performances from the likes of Gorillaz, including the debut in 2006, would have also been extremely challenging.

That said, the costs involved are clearly being driven down. In Japan there is a musician called Hatsune Miku who has toured across the country without ever actually appearing in person.

Creating an easily adaptable performance has meant that Miku has been able to put on gigs in various locations without the cost being vast. It has also proved hugely popular.

The future

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