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April 10, 2023
Actual hologram projecting

The advent of lifelike holograms is upon us. We have seen celebrities who are no longer around; and ‘converse’ with real people thanks to new standards in holographic technology. Imagine this type of breakthrough tech being wielded in the palm of your hand? Well folks, we don’t have to wait too long as the technology, which makes an image ‘float’ as a 3D image in the air, is finally here.

The company that has made this breakthrough, , has produced a hologram with a 5, 000ppi projector. It is this type of projector that should interest us, as they plan to fit it into smartphones in the second half of 2015.

The hologram is created using six projectors, which layer light to create an image floating in the air, much like a real and solid object. The discovery came from fusing an image processor with a thin layer of micro LEDs to create the Quantum Photonic Imager. The result is quite remarkable; a projector that is approximately the size of a TicTac candy. The projector is powered by the chip that controls the colour, brightness and angle of each individual beam of light.

When the holographic projector prototype, was demoed to The Wall Street Journal, it displayed a floating 3D dice. This dice looked solid from all angles that it was viewed at. Unlike the, which operates at 300ppi, this object is displayed with ‘almost real’ 5, 000ppi projectors.

Ostendo has said they are working with handset manufacturers now for a 2D projector into a mobile device by the summer of 2015. The full 3D projector however, should arrive later in 2015.

The firm is aiming to make the pixels even smaller to enable higher resolutions. It will also be scaling up the size, to make 3D holographic projections, which can appear from our TVs! As with all speculations regarding prototypes; until we see a working model, we’ll just have to keep on waiting.

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Source: news.filehippo.com
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Hologram projection
Hologram projection
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