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February 13, 2021
Attractive make hologram

hologram laserStep1. Make holographic master origination (Master origination shooting system, 2D/3D or Dot-matrix)

step2. Recombine Dot-matrix master in size of160mm*160. 2D/3D master doesn't need recombination. (Recombiner)

step3. Copy operation nickel shim from holographic master origination(Electronic Forming Machine)

step4. Emboss metallized PET film, transparent film(Narrow Web Hard Embosser)

step5. Laminate silicon liner together with embossed hologram film(Lamination Machine)

step6. Die-cutting, Slitting (Die-cutting Machine)

Details of hologram sticker production.

Step1. Make holographic master origination (Master origination shooting system, 2D/3D or Dot-matrix)

2D/3D Hologram lab to make holographic master origination.

This is the photo of He-Cd laser which is in my training room. Helium Cadmium Laser power is 60mv -100mw, 441.6nm, with control unit and power supply There're Chinese made or Japanese made laser(Kimmon, Japan) available. The laser controller is automatic. The laser power meter check the laser beam parameters.

Above He Cd Laser cover is removed. You can see blue beam in two side of laser.

X Y Automatic stage to control photoresist movement in X Y position.

Hologram len and other optics make whole set objective and refference laser light for hologram image recording.

One laser beam is separated by beam splitter into objective beam and refference beam.

Artwork is recorded onto H1 glass in first step of hologram image recording.

Dot matrix hologram system to make holographic master originaiton


1.Shape of Engraved Dot: circle or square (different model)
2. Engraving exposure speed: 20 ~ 80 dot/second(317dpi 635dpi 1270dpi);
3. Seperation of color: Plain Rainbow or RGB(different model)
4. Engraving area: 160 x 160 mm
5. Resolution: 158dpi, 317 dpi, 635dpi, 1270dpi
6. Minimum viewing angle: 0.25 degree
7. Setting of viewing angle: 0 ~ 360 degree
8. Zoom in Zoom out effect: circle, square, rhombus, polygon, word, curve
9. Movement of curtain effect: two direction, one direction, or XY_ direction
10.Pearlescent effect: polygon movement of ray, random kinematic movement ray, combination of kinematic movement ray
11. Revolving ray effect: whatever revolving shape of curve, revolving effect of line, etc
12. Projective effect: whatever word, whatever font, recombination of image projection flex
13. Switch effect: Different flips switches with different viewing angle
14. Three-dimensional effect: word has fasle three-dimensional effect, imitational 2D/3D hologram
15.hologram laser Micron text effect: line of font can be 0.02mm, letter can be in size of 0.2mm
16. Random matrix: dots blink in different viewing angle
17. The operating system: win98 SE
18. Control graph: .TIF or .BMP file


Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating. Two Software Usage Information brochures with inbuilt help. One software for artwork design, another for engraving.

- All kinds of dot-matrix type hologram
- True Color Images
- Kineform
- Micro-Text
- Super-line Patterns
- Encryption Design
- 2D/3D Holo-Patterns

Other Information:

A. No requirement of vibration isolation system .
B. Easy Optics Position Setting
C. Chemical formula and chemicals for hologram glass master development
D. Recombination Machine to make shims upto maximum size 600mm x 1500mm active area

hologram laserDot-matrix holographic master origination system with square dots and smaller laser Laser, new type easy control laser with 4 color separation optics.

Diode laser and laser controller.

Step2. Recombine Dot-matrix master origination in size of 250mm*200mm onto plastic. 2D/3D master doesn't need recombination if we use XY automatic control stage when laser shooting hologram.

Hologram recombination machine body and press head with hologram shim on it.

1. Maximum recombination area: 220mm*220mm
2. Recombination precision: 0.05mm
3. Recombination function: Misplace, slope, blank, reverse
4. Control: PC, Windows operation system
5. Power: 220V/1.5KW
6. Dimension: 600mm*500mm*500mm(L*W*H)
7. Weight: 200 kg

Hologram recombination machine working on plastic film and press hologram onto it.

Hologram images recombined on plastic film. After silver coating of the film, we can make holographic master origination by electronic forming.

Recombination software interface.

Before put hologram glass master into electronic forming tank, we have to silver coating hologram photoresist first.

The photoresist should be clean first. Otherwise, the silvering process will face problem. After cleaning, the photoresist will be put into small container for silvering. There's chemical in the container. We also can spray the silver onto photoresist, the result is same.

The photoresist have one layer silver coating. It's ready for electronic forming to make nickel holographic master origination.

Hologram electronic forming equipment is consisted of electronic forming tank and controller. It's designed for the replication of holographic nickel shims by means of an electroforming process. It consists of the electro-deposition of nickel on a model (silver coated glass or nickel shim master) capable of conducting electric current. When the deposition is completed, it is possible to separate the newly copied child nickel holographic master shim from the mother nickel which has an mirror hologram image.

Electronic forming equipment. Soft and hard tank make hologram nickel master origination and operation nickel shim.

The aim of this electronic formation is to copy the hologram from photoresist glass which has hologram imaged recordred, hologram imaged recombined onto PE film, or provide enough quantity operation shims for the embossing machines.

holographic master origination is made by soft tank. This nickel hologram shim is copied from photoresist. There's brown photoresist glue coating still on the surface of nickel shim. We have wash it away.

Soft tank and hard tank

Tape holographic master origination for electronic forming copying

Hologram mother master made after soft tank electronic forming.

This machine is designed to emboss hologram. It emboss transparent polyester film, metalized polyester film, hot stamping foil without glue, of various thickness from 12 micron upwards.

New Mode Simple Narrow Web Hard Hologram Embosser with side guide or without side guide

Narrow web hard hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width hologram products, such as hologram labels, narrow web hologram film, hologram aluminum foil, hot stamping foil, etc. It consisted of three parts: embossing unit, heating system and control panel.

This single control panel can adjust temperature, pressure and speed very easily.

hologram laser hologram laser hologram laser
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Make a Hologram at home
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