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July 13, 2022
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Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that Christmas 2015 has been all about the new Star Wars film. With millions packing into cinemas the last two weeks, viewers have been forcefully reminded of lightsabers, Jedi Knights and holographic technology—an iconic communication tool seen throughout the films thanks to the projection capabilities of R2D2 and other droids. However, much has changed in the real world since the original trilogy, and 2015 sees 3D holograms no longer confined to the world of science fiction. With technology firms all looking to develop the most innovative and futuristic products on the market, holographic technology appears to be just around the corner for everyday smartphone use.

The newest entrant to the holography race is Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics, which has just been awarded a key patent for 3D hologram technology, which the company has been working on for around three years. Although little is currently known about its mechanics, the innovative technology will manipulate specific wavelengths of light to create 3D holographic images. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) listed the patent on December 27, 2015.

Diagram from Samsung's 3D hologram technology patent

The patent could accelerate similar projects being undertaken by competitors. Smartphone rival Apple last year secured its own patent for 3D hologram technology, which will use lasers, micro lenses and sensors to project 3D images. The “interactive holographic display” may eventually be incorporated into iPhones and iPads. Naturally, wherever Samsung and Apple go, Microsoft will never be far behind, and the American company has already unveiled its “” hologram computer. The “mixed reality” computer platform, which is worn like a VR headset, runs on Windows 10.

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3D Holographic Display - MedPi 2015, Altec Lansing by PM
3D Holographic Display - MedPi 2015, Altec Lansing by PM ...
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3D Holographic LED
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