Holographic diffraction gratings Glasses

November 16, 2023
Diffraction Grating
Diffraction Grating - Study of Light & ColorWelcome to Rainbow Symphony, your #1 choice for diffraction grating materials and products for the study of light and color! We manufacture a full line of affordable diffraction gratings for the classroom. Our diffraction gratings come in a wide variety of formats. They come in rolls and sheets, glasses and slides. They can be cut into smaller pieces or mounted into holders as a classroom activity.

Highly efficient, 13, 500 lines per inch, 500 and 1000 lines/mm holographic diffraction grating lenses separate light from any source into its spectral components for study and analysis. Diffraction Gratings are used for the direct viewing and analysis of spectra from different gas tubes and other light sources. The quality of the spectrum produced from our gratings is the brightest possible with a minimum of distracting visual noise. Our gratings are the principal component in a spectroscope and are used for experiments pertaining to the study of light and color. Project a spectrum using an overhead projector or 35mm slide projector for spectrum demonstration purposes. Use in conjunction with colored film gels for additive and subtractive color demonstrations.

Source: www.rainbowsymphonystore.com
Diffraction glasses-Electromagnetic Spectrum
Diffraction glasses-Electromagnetic Spectrum
What Are Diffraction & Kaleidoscope Glasses | GloFX Answers
What Are Diffraction & Kaleidoscope Glasses | GloFX Answers
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