Fraunhofer diffraction grating

March 31, 2023
File:Diffraction of laser beam

To date, more than 50 different resonant scanners have been designed and manufactured. They are made to deflect light either one-dimensionally or two-dimensionally or for high-speed optical path length modulation. Scan frequencies from 0.1 kHz to 50 kHz have been successfully executed. Applications range from reading barcode and data code, through 3D metrology, and right up to laser projection and spectroscopy. An example is a MEMS scanner with integrated diffraction grating for spectroscopic applications which HiperScan GmbH, a Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off, has been distributing since 2007 in a novel infrared wavelength micro spectrometer. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IPMS is engaged in custom-designed scanning mirrors, e.g. for Fourier Transform spectrometers, confocal microscopy, highly miniaturized displays, ultra-compact laser projection systems, endoscopic image acquisition as well as triangulation.

In addition to resonant scanners, quasi-static micro-scanners are also under development. These activities are geared toward applications such as laser beam positioning and switching.

The internet platform was introduced, allowing customers to define and order resonant micro-scanners that are suitable for their specific applications. Thanks to a building-block approach, we are able to offer reasonably-priced devices with a short lead time.

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