Diffraction grating film sheets

June 2, 2022
Holographic Diffraction

Holographic diffraction grating film is used to break up white light into all the colors of the spectrum. It is an ideal choice for spectroscopy experiments, since holographic gratings exhibit significantly sharper diffraction orders than their ruled counterparts by reducing the amount of stray light produced. This results in an increased ability to view absorption and emission lines, with higher spatial frequency gratings (1000 lines/mm).

Holographic diffraction grating film comes in two different groove spacing options: 12, 700 lines/inch (500 lines/mm) and 25, 400 lines/inch (1000 lines/mm). By increasing the number of grooves per unit area, the angular dispersion of diffraction orders will be increased. Therefore, the 25, 400 lines/inch grating should be used in applications that require the spectrum to be spread over a broader area and the 12, 700 lines/inch should be used when more diffraction orders are needed to be viewed. Each variety of holographic grating is available in 6" x 12" sheets and 200 foot rolls. It is also available in 2" square cards, with 1" square area of exposed grating. Please note that rolled gratings are 6" wide with breaks every 12" in length.


Material: Clear polyester film
Dispersion Angle: 25, 400 lines / inch, 36°; 12, 700 lines / inch, 19°
Thickness: 0.003"

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