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June 21, 2016
Twisted Rancor Trio

These apartments have a similar layout to the south apartments, with five apartments on the outer wall of an apartment complex ring and an elevator back to the Lower City. You need to return there to return to hideout or change party selection.

Sentry Droid: This sentry droid has fallen into disrepair and does not seem to be functioning properly.
1. Repair the droid. (1 repair part)
Sentry Droid: The droid is now active. It will attack any enemies that come in range.
Sentry Droid
Items Feats Force powers



Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 15 * main character level Optimized droid's weaponry
  • 15 * main character level Optimized droid's targeting systems
  • 15 * main character level Activated droid's shields
  • 20 * main character level Engaged droid in patrol mode

The sentry droid's patrol takes it clockwise around the apartment complex ring, opening all occupied apartments it passes and engaging any Black Vulkars it encounters. Unfortunately it isn't powerful enough to clear the apartment complex ring single-handed, but it can provide backup or a distraction if you need it.

The southwest apartment contains a Black Vulkar and a footlocker against its northwest wall with random contents:

Black Vulkar

The west apartment contains two Black Vulkars and a footlocker in its southwest corner with random contents:

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • Challenge Rating 1 Killed Black Vulkar
  • Challenge Rating 2 Killed Black Vulkar

Three groups of 2-3 Black Vulkars spawn around the apartment complex ring: one just to the north of the southwest apartment, one to the north of the west apartment and one to the north of the northwest apartment containing the security crate. These groups may contain up to any three of the following:

The number in each group depends on your character level, and that of your party: when character level > 6, three Black Vulkars always spawn in each group. When each group spawns depends on the direction you travel around the apartment complex ring: when you travel clockwise, only the groups by the southwest and west apartments spawn until you make your second circuit; when you travel counter-clockwise, only the group by the northwest apartment spawns until you make your second circuit (or travel in the opposite direction, in either case).

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • Challenge Rating 2 Killed Black Vulkar (6-9)

Matrik's Apartment[edit]

The southeast apartment has a low security door:

Low Security Door Unlock 12 (0) Resist Vitality 20
Matrik: What… what are you doing here? I don't want any trouble with the Sith. Please, just go before… please, just go.

Otherwise, you're still not particularly welcome:

Matrik: Hey – you can't come in here! This is a private apartment!
1. What are you doing in here? This place looks abandoned!
Matrik: None of your business. Just turn around and go back the way you came, if you know what's good for you.

1. [Persuade] Are you in some sort of trouble? Do you want to talk about it?

Matrik: [Failure] It's not something you want to get mixed up in. Look, do yourself a favor and just leave me alone.

If you cannot persuade him, this is the only response which doesn't result in a fight:

3. Don't get upset. I'll go now.
Matrik: Good… get out of here. Stay out of my apartment and my business!

Matrik's Bounty[edit]

Matrik: [Success] I… I guess I could tell you. You'll probably find out on your own eventually, anyway. Zax is giving his bounties away like candy, or so I hear. My name's Matrik – I used to work for the Exchange, but all the violence and killing started to get to me. I knew what I was doing was wrong, so I turned state's evidence.
Journal Entry Added: Matrik's Bounty
Davik Kang has put out an illegal bounty on a former associate named Matrik who turned state's evidence against Davik and the Exchange.

Alternatively, if you've already spoken to Zax in Javyar's cantina in the Lower City about the bounties:

You can ask him if there's some way you could help him:

Matrik thinks he can escape his bounty by faking his own death. He's asked you to bring him a permacrete detonator. He plans to set off an explosion in his apartment in the hope that Davik will believe he perished in the blast.

A permacrete detonator can be found in the inventory of the Equipment Emporium in the Upper City, and bought for 50 credits. Leave the lower city apartments and immediately return to hideout, then take the elevator and continue south to the store; upon returning to the south apartments you can immediately return to the entrance to these apartments. Before you give Matrix the detonator, be sure to search the footlocker in his apartment for its random contents.

Matrik: I was afraid you wouldn't come back. Did you manage to find a permacrete detonator?
1. No, I don't have a permacrete detonator yet.
2. I have a permacrete detonator right here. Go on… take it.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Matrik: Let me see… yes, this should do the trick. There won't be anything left of this apartment but some scorching on the walls after I set this bad boy off! Okay, the timer's set! Now let's get out of here before it blows!
Matrik: That was quite the blast! Don't go back in there… the whole roof might cave in on your head. Look, I'm not a man for long goodbyes but I want to say 'thanks'. If it wasn't for you I'd be a dead man. But now I won't have to worry about any more bounty hunters coming after me. So good luck, and goodbye. Now that I'm 'dead' I can't be seen wandering the streets.
Matrik's apartment is nothing but a pile of charred rubble, and Matrik himself has vanished into the wind. If the plan works and people really do believe Matrik is dead, then you can probably still collect his bounty from Zax.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 480 Gave Matrik a permacrete detonator to fake his own death

Alternatively, you can try to get some of the credits you spent on it back:

3. I've got a permacrete detonator on me… but it'll cost you.
Matrik: I don't have any credits – all I've got is the clothes on my back. But if you help me with this, you can go to Zax in the bounty office and claim the price on my head.

Refusing to give him the detonator, or any of the following responses, will result in a fight:

Whether Matrik's death is real or fake, you can go to Zax in Javyar's cantina in the Lower City to collect the bounty.

Security crate[edit]

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