Hologram projector

September 21, 2022
A video hologram projector

Finally, a use for all those old CD jewel cases: turning your smartphone into a tiny hologram projector.

By making a sort of half-prism with cut out pieces of a jewel case, your smartphone will reflect images from special “hologram” videos, making the projection appear 3D. Some YouTubers are less than impressed, dismissing the image as “just a reflection, ” but the effect is still definitely cool even if it’s not technically a real hologram. (Other commenters are predictably requesting hologram porn.)

This tutorial was shot by Arun Maini, who runs the YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss, and has already racked up over two million views in just two days. Maini’s channel is mostly product reviews, but he became intrigued by the hologram projector idea after a friend forwarded him a similar tutorial.

Maini is still adjusting to the increase in traffic on his channel, calling the experience phenomenal. “I shared the video to a few related Google+ communities, and before I knew it, the video had reached some influential people, and was on the front page of Reddit, ” Maini says. “It just went on from there.”

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Hologram Projector at Trade Show Booth
Hologram Projector at Trade Show Booth
3D Hologram Projector
3D Hologram Projector
Hologram Projector Phone - After Effects CS6 Test Video
Hologram Projector Phone - After Effects CS6 Test Video
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