Hologram Pendant

December 21, 2020

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation with the EMF Shield Unity Pendant.


Benefits of the Holographic Unity Pendant:

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
Communicates Organic Creation Codes to every cell in your body
Connection to the Divine Blueprint
Increased body strength
Improved balance
Improved concentration and focus
Enhances sporting abilities
Overall Health and Wellbeing

This 30mm pendant has 2 of our Original and Unique EMF Shield Sacred Geometry Holograms sandwiched between 2 glass sheets and surrounded by a sterling silver pendant frame. This allows the hologram to radiate out in both directions and provides an identical look front and back.

The EMF Shield Hologram Pendant has an amazing EMR harmonizing capacity greater than any other product currently on the market that we know of. The EMF Shield Holographic Unity Pendant Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its coherent energetic field out to a 19m radius *.

The EMF Shield Hologram Pendant contains a micro thin Holographic Film encoded with very specific creation codes of the Universe and Organic Biology. These codes continuously project an informational field of sacred geometry into your local environment harmonizing any scattered Electromagnetic fields, thus assisting all within this field.

By wearing the EMF Shield Unity Pendant you are reducing your exposure to the negative health impacts of electromagnetic radiation. In addition to protection, and apart from the fact that it looks amazing, you are receiving health benefits on a physical, neurological, cellular and DNA level as the hologram continually communicates its Original Creation Codes to your entire being. It truly is the easiest way to harmonize your local environment. Wear it with confidence!

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EMF Shield Hologram Pendant
EMF Shield Hologram Pendant
EMF Shield Hologram Pendant - 30mm Sterling Silver
EMF Shield Hologram Pendant - 30mm Sterling Silver
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