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October 4, 2020
I look forward to coding the
Number101SilentHonorARK-MP14-EN-UR-1E 1st Edition English

1st Edition

Other names
  • French: 1ère Édition
  • German: 1. Auflage
  • Italian: 1ª Edizione
  • Korean: 1st Edition
  • Portuguese: 1ª Edição
  • Spanish: 1ª Edición

1st Edition cards are printed in every Booster Pack series for a limited period, after which, cards replace them.

The bottom right hand "Eye of Anubis Hologram" is also gold instead of silver. They also seem to have a darker print coloring than their Unlimited edition counter parts. 1st Edition cards are present in the TCG, and only for the Korean-language print OCG. Japanese and Chinese print OCG cards do not have 1st Edition prints.

"1st Edition" cards are thought to represent the first printings of a certain card and these numbers may differ depending on the rarity of a card.

While the text that designated a 1st Edition card was initially located under the left side of the card's artwork, as of, the text was moved to the bottom of the card, to the right of the Card Number.

Source: yugioh.wikia.com
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