Transparent Hologram Stickers

August 8, 2023
Price for 100 and more pieces:

Custom imprinted holograms offer more security. Your custom text is included in the base pricing. We also offer optional logos and serial numbers.

An order for custom imprinting is normally ready to ship within 1 week. Stock imprint colors are black and red. We also offer green and blue as optional premium colors. Other options include two-color imprints and hidden flourescing inks.

Although the customized imprint is durable for most applications, we also offer and recommend optional laminated labels to fully protect the custom imprint from excessive handling, wear or chemical exposure (alcohol in sun screen and hand lotion or any petroleum based chemicals, such as gasoloine). Laminated labels are recommended for these applications

  • ID Badges
  • Season passes (water parks, beaches, ski resorts)
  • Hand-held devices (cell phone, etc)
  • Equipment asset labels

We can also create a totally custom hologram product as well depending on your requirements. See Section A8 for More Info on custom holograms. Custom holographic labels usually requires about 30 days to complete, but sometimes they can be completed in less time.

The tamper evident security feature performs best on smooth non-porous surfaces, such as metal, PVC cards, plastics, clay-coated paper, etc. If you are affixing holograms to textured surfaces, uncoated paper, fabric, or other porous materials, we recommend you request our free samples and test prior to ordering.

The silver or colored metallic holograms may not be suitable for printed circuit boards (or other electrical applications). The silver metallic layer is conductive and may cause issues if in direct contact with the circuitry. For these applications, consider a transparent hologram.

Custom Hologram Stickers Printing Services From
Custom Hologram Stickers Printing Services From ...
Hologram Labels & Stickers by Divya Impex, Bengaluru
Hologram Labels & Stickers by Divya Impex, Bengaluru
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