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January 31, 2020
Simulator hologram projector

The ultimate Hologram Simulator, fun for kids of all ages! Now with 3D Glasses support for all users!

+ Touch, rotate and explore each object through intuitive gesture controls.
+ Works great in 2D, and is AMAZING in Steresocopic 3D mode*
+ mPoints Reward points (in select territories).

A few of the Holograms include:
Pirate Ship
Spartan Warrior
+ many more!

*Requires red/cyan 3D glasses for Stereoscopic 3D effects.

easy but...
by NlovesC

Easy to get mpoints but the layout of the collection screen constantly changes and now it's even more time consuming to collect because you actually have to go into the rewards and click to obtain points whereas it used to be on the main screen, STOP CHANGING THE LAYOUT. Also, in the store it would tell you how many points needed to get a certain item, BRING THAT BACK. thank youuu

One point per click
by Apple2011g

This app was really great and be of the best to make points before they dropped the points down from five to one point per click. I used to use it all the time but find it's not worth using anymore. I hope they bring the points back.

by Gfghhffhhgf

Very cool app and it's free!! I love the design of the sound, the rotation, 3D effect, almost everything. THANK YOU

Source: itunes.apple.com
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