Holographic Android

September 19, 2022
Holographic Android by

Samsung Galaxy A8-12The USPTO (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office) is full of patents from every manufacturer out there. Some make it to the market, other’s don’t, and a select few of them are simply insane. We are not sure under which category this one fits under, but what we know is many of you will be interested in what Samsung has under its sleeve.

A Samsung filing from Q3 2014 has recently been published, showcasing technology that would allow a device to display holograms. These would not be the full-on holographic videos you see in movies and other high-tech products, though.

So here’s how it will work. This patented device would have a normal body and a screen. A light emission device would be placed right above the screen, and another thicker material right above that image source.samsung-hologram-2 As a result, you will be able to visualize your icons and content within that piece of glass (or whatever material is used).

Sure, it may not be what you were expecting, but remember smartphones are limited in space and resources, which is why Samsung’s implementation of this technology seems to be reserved for small holograms and icons. Regardless, it will be a cool feature that future Samsung handsets may sport. Gimmick or not, it will definitely be a conversation starter.

As it goes with all patent filings, we are not sure when, or if, this technology is being taken to production. Samsung is pretty adventurous when it comes to adopting new applications, though. They were among the first to use flexible displays and introduce curved smartphones. Sammy was also the first to take super-sized displays to the mainstream market. The list goes on, so I say we have high chances of something coming down the road. Just don’t quote me on that yet!

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