Hard light hologram

May 20, 2021
Hard Light Hologram light
  • (2003 novel by Paul Levinson), holograms of living and deceased people play a major role.
  • Ultraviolet (2014 novel by Joseph Robert Lewis), the heroine Carmen Zhao uses solid holograms projected from her clothing as tools, vehicles, and weapons.
  • Holo.Wars: The Black Hats (2014 novel by R.M. Gonzales), chambers are using "holostereoscopy."
  • Expozium: The Secret (2014 script by V. Hanacik), The key technology plays role of breakthrough, its sferic future cinema using "holointerféric" patterns.

Live-action films[edit]

  • (1956 film)...
  • (1977 film), makes use of the hologram in the movies and video games of the series to display people remotely communicating with each other. It is also present in each one of the films of the series, including, , , and to communicate across the galaxy.
  • (1989 film), a giant projection hologram is used as an advertisement for the (fictional) 2015 film.
  • (1990 film), the main character uses a device, similar to a wrist watch, to produce a hologram of himself and deceive his foes
  • (1998 film), June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson) appeared as Will's school principal "Cartwright" in a hologram
  • (2001 film), a holographic projection of jazz musician John Coltrane appears in the main character's apartment during his birthday party
  • (2002 film), computer geeks develop a $99 computer using a holographic projector as both the display and user interface
  • (2005 film), a holographic projector surrounded the military compound where clones were kept to give the illusion of a tropical environment; holographic displays are present on various terminals, including the MSN information terminal in Los Angeles and a futuristic version of the Xbox gaming console.
  • (2008 film), (2010 film) and (2013 film), holographic displays appear in Iron Man's suit
  • (2009 film), holographic displays are used extensively on terminals and HUDs
  • (2009 film), Hawk, Destro, Baroness, and Storm Shadow appear as holographic projections
  • (2010 film), Chitti the robot can be telecommunicated with using a "virtual calling" where each caller can be seen as a holographic projection in front of the robot during the call
  • (2013 film), A holographic video game is played that detects bodily gestures to control the game.
  • (2014 film) In the movie adaptation of The Giver, The Chief Elder woman often talks on the 3d hologram video phone with her holographic image projected.

Live-action television series[edit]

  • (1987–1994 television series), uses the holodeck extensively; beginning with this series, various episodes and films throughout the Star Trek series feature holographic characters and ships.
  • (1995–2001 television series), introduced the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). The series also used a similar holographic environment as in the aforementioned The Next Generation.
  • (1988-2012 television series), after a catastrophic radiation leak inside the Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf, crew member Second Technician Arnold Rimmer is resurrected as a hologram. Because he is a "soft-light” hologram, he cannot touch anything and objects just pass right through him. However, much later - in series VI - the Red Dwarf crew meet 'Legion', a being with advanced technology, who upgrades Rimmer's light bee – the small object that projects his hologram by hovering around inside him – changing his projection to what is called in the show "hard-light" giving him a hologramatic equivalent of a physical body.
  • (1993-1995 television series), Inside the command center Zordons head is a hologram who's in charge of giving orders and advice to Alpha 5 the robot and the Power Rangers.
  • (2001 television series), their chrono morphers use holographic communication
  • (1997–2007 television series), various characters appear as holograms in various episodes: The Asgard masquerade themselves holographically as Norse gods to the primitive peoples under their protection, Morgan le Fay in "The Pegasus Project" and Myrddin as a Merlin in "Avalon" and "Camelot" as a holographic sentry; Heliopolis "Book"; the puddle jumper starship has a holographic HUD. After the Goa'uld leader Anubis probed the mind of Asgard leader Thor, he was able to acquire their hologram technology and he used it frequently.
  • (2004–2009 television series), the Atlantis city-starship features a hologram room that allows access to the Ancient database in the form of holograms; an Ancient Control Chair contains holographic projectors; in the episode "Rising", Melia (a member of the Atlantean High Council during the first siege of Atlantis some ten millennia ago) is first seen as a hologram describing the history of the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy; Aurora-class battleship can project holograms remotely for communication purposes
  • (2009-2010 television series) In this Disney channel TV show, a hologram video phone of S.T.A.N.s head can be seen.
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