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August 18, 2022
China Metallized Paper

Holographic Paper Board ProductProduct Overview

Holographic paper and board stock can enhance your product packaging, advertising and displays with distinctive and eye-catching graphics.

  • Improve Shelf Appeal
  • Increase Consumer Awareness
  • Increase Product Sales

Holographic paper is commonly used for DVD inserts, magazine covers, magazine inserts, etc.

Holographic board stock is typically used for point-of-sale signage, blister cards, direct mail cards, folding cartons, etc.

Our holographic sheets are compatible with these printing processes:

  • Offset Sheet-Fed
  • Screen Sheet-Fed
  • HP Digital Sheet-Fed

Our holographic sheets are NOT compatible with laser jet or ink jet printing.

NovaVision distributes holographic paper and board stock to commercial printers, who custom print the holographic sheets with opaque and translucent inks.

Stock hologram patterns are available for quick-turnaround projects and are ready to ship within 2 days.

We stock the 4 most popular holographic patterns:

  • Rainbow
  • Pillars of light
  • Lots of dots
  • Lava

Stock sizes (in inches) are 28x40, 27x40, and 13x19. If smaller size sheets are required for a short-run project, printers can trim the sheets to fit their equipment.

If the product is designated as C2S, the backside is clay coated, which provides better quality of the back printing. If C1S, the backside is a standard litho finish. There is NO adhesive backing on our holographic paper or board stock.

For "first-time" printers, we recommend process testing some holographic sheets prior to printing a large project. Our stock products are available in carton quantities of 100 sheets. Select a sheet comparable in material construction and caliper and print these sheets on the end of another project. Contact your ink supplier in advance and ask for recommendations.

Discontinued items are available in odd lot quantities.

Sheet Samples

We also offer individual full sheets priced as follows:

  • Order processing fee: $25.00/order
  • Offset or Screen - Price/sheet (28x40): $7.00/sheet
  • Digital - Price/sheet (13x19): $2.00/sheet
  • Shipping & Handling: added at cost or shipped on your account
  • Allow 3 days for samples to ship
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New Holographic Paper Pack
New Holographic Paper Pack
Holographic Stars Paper by Hot Off The Press Inc
Holographic Stars Paper by Hot Off The Press Inc
Holographic Paper Stock for Promotional Products
Holographic Paper Stock for Promotional Products
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