Hologram phones

October 27, 2022
The holographic projector

starwars_hologramCould hologram phones become a reality thanks to 5G?

  • Could hologram phones become a reality thanks to 5G?

THE prospect of conversing on hologram phones is something that has previously been confined to Star Wars or other sci-fi universes.

But the advent of a superfast 5G network could see us joining the Jedi council and enjoying chats with holographic versions of our friends and family.

Earlier this month, telecoms industry watchdog Ofcom announced a consultation into how 5G technology can be utilised to provide better services for consumers and businesses. One of the functions the regulator suggests could be introduced is holographic calling.

However, Matt Powell, editor of Cambridge-based broadband comparison website Broadband Genie, believes that the benefits of a faster network could be much more widespread.

“The biggest difference with a 5G network would be speed, ” he said. “There is already the potential for the existing 4G network to be a lot faster than it is; people can get up to 100MB per second on 4G, which is faster than most home broadband services, and the speeds they’re talking about for 5G are 100 times faster than that. You have to take these figures with a pinch of salt, but it gives you an idea of the difference.

“You reach a certain point where increased speed becomes less important, but it could be useful in somewhere like a sports stadium, where you could have a fixed access point that could be used by any number of people at once.”

Matt also believes a 5G network could be crucial in the continuining development of machine-to-machine communication, or the internet of things.

“Consumers want to be connected everywhere they go, ” he said. “A faster network could mean that when you leave your house, your devices all immediately switch to using the nearest 4G or 5G network. It may be that businesses or local authorities provide networks for people to use.”

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Hologram for Android phones
Hologram for Android phones
Tutorial 117 : How To Make Hologram Phone in Photoshop
Tutorial 117 : How To Make Hologram Phone in Photoshop ...
hologram phone
hologram phone
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