Hologram of Liberty

January 24, 2022
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The anonymous author of this diatribe would not be in the least surprised to see the present state of decay, and neither would Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson. They would simply realize that their worst fears were justified.
As we said, the rise of imperialism in America is the result of the “door” being deliberately left ajar, so to speak. The enemies of America were able to creep in whenever they chose. And creep in they did, confident the country would eventually fall into their unworthy hands. They knew their agents were ensconced within the country to misuse their positions of authority within government and big business to gradually undermine the Articles of Confederation that guaranteed each and every American the rights they deserved. They knew they simply had to continue employing the “divide and rule” tactic to further globalist interests.
During his reign King George III adamantly proclaimed his utter hatred for the American rebels and American experiment. He openly declared “eternal” war on America, and his word was law to his many loyal and industrious lieutenants. True to form, agents of the British Crown have been waging eternal war on the country ever since the day of their lunatic master.

The men who undermined the Articles of the Confederation and hustled the Constitution have had statues and portraits raised in their honor. Volumes have been written about their deeds, but rarely has the truth been told, except in alternative circles. Throughout America and the world the traitors are lauded as great revolutionaries, reformers and humanitarians. Their ideological descendants openly and unashamedly work hand in hand with British and European oligarchs, using fear and panic to further their agendas. They continue to erode whatever is left of the privileges once bestowed upon their slaves.

We have “federal sheriffs” beyond imagination. There are forty six civilian agencies of the Federal Government whose agents carry guns and have the power to make arrests. These “great insults on the people” have been allowed because there is little we can do about them, short of armed rebellion. And by the way, no laws authorizing “civil forfeiture” or other related measures of tyranny have been struck down by the federal courts – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)
We have plenty of rights in this country, provided you don’t get caught exercising them – Terry Mitchell (Editor of The Revolutionary Toker)

Source: beforeitsnews.com
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The unveiling of "Libby" at Newark-Liberty International ...
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Statue of Liberty Hologram
Statue of Liberty Hologram
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